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Besides Allotting Office Spaces, WeWork Offers Improved Access Services Too

WeWork has recently unveiled that it will buy a New York-based startup, Waltz, which provides smartphone-focused access solutions and building access systems to offer quick, secure, and efficient transactions. The deal figures are not revealed yet.

Waltz’s smartphone app and accession tool permits users to add multiple properties with a single credential and will make the task simpler for WeWork’s enterprise customers, such as Microsoft and GE Healthcare, to direct on-demand association of their employees with WeWork spaces.

From the past year, WeWork has remained at the verge of being acquired as it reallocates from its chief business of co-working spaces to a software-based service provider. In the last few years, it has acquired several companies such as Teem, Elucid, and Managed by Q. these office space and space analytics platforms allows corporations to figure out the appropriate use of workspaces by their staff members and contribution at conferences and other proceedings.

Waltz is not just a substitute to access cards or keys. Its cloud-based managing service provides information to the companies about who enters and leaves the company premises.

On a similar subject, WeWork is expecting a contract to manage the majority of its affiliate’s business in India, according to unknown sources familiar with the matter. The New York-based business is in discussions to acquire nearly 70% of WeWork’s business in India for $2.75 billion, revealed by a person with a hidden identity. The contract involves payment of $1.9 Billion partly in cash and stock. As the transaction is not settled yet, the terms may alter or maybe the deal could violate.

Jitendra Virwani—a real-estate billionaire—and his son Karan Virwani have been directing WeWork India through the owned-company Buildcon LLP.

WeWork is aiming to include India to its asset collection, as this would help the company to go public.

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