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T-Mobile To Roll 5G In 6 Us Cities With Samsung’s Galaxy S10 5G

The first handset to employ T-Mobile’s new 5G network will be rolling this week. The Galaxy S10 5G by Samsung will only be accessible in the US cities—Cleveland, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Dallas, New York City, and Los Angeles—where T-Mobile has set up mmWave (millimeter wave) spectrum, the foundation for its 5G networks. If you are in one of these regions, you will be capable of purchasing the handset, although T-Mobile makes it obvious that its 5G coverage, similar to that of its US rivals, is presently very restricted and will only dependably work outdoors.

Be alert that the S10 5G has a price tag far more as compared to other Galaxy S10 handsets by Samsung: $1,299 if you pay complete price. You can also opt for $31.25 per month if you go for EMIs, but it will first need a down payment worth $549.99.

The new 5G coverage map of T-Mobile underlines just how limited mmWave spectrum at this moment is, narrowing down to the city regions where you will be capable of getting 5G speeds on the S10 5G. The media will soon experiment with mmWave spectrum of T-Mobile, but if it is anything like the experience in Chicago with Verizon, we do not hope for over 1 Gbps download speeds in the best cases.

On a related note, Dish earlier claimed that it is negotiating a deal to purchase Boost Mobile and wireless spectrum from Sprint and T-Mobile, as the latter two firms seem to lastly get sanctions for their industry-reshaping, huge merger. As per media, Dish has surfaced as the firm most likely to buy the assets that Sprint and T-Mobile are presently attempting to offload in an effort to assuage the concerns of Justice Department with the merger. The satellite TV supplier is supposedly ready to pay “minimum” $6 Billion for the Boost Mobile and spectrum.

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