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Apple’s New Line Of MacBooks To Come Without The Fussy Butterfly Keyboard

Apple looks all set to get rid of one of its most disastrous hardware till date, as analysts believe the company is planning to deliver all upcoming MacBooks without the underperforming Butterfly keyboards. According to Ming-Chi Kuo, one of the leading Apple Analysts, the company is preparing for a move that could see the Butterfly Keyboards getting replaced with the conventional scissor-switch designed keyboards in the upcoming MacBook lines.

Users had been severely complaining against the Butterfly keyboard’s durability as it frequently got heated up in almost no time. Kuo believes there have been major developments from the company regarding the development of the new scissors designed keyboard. The new design will expectedly offer longer key travel and an adopting glass fiber that will improve its durability to a great extent. Customers also reported that the Butterfly keyboards broke down easily to dust and had keys sticking and repeating characters which made it a mess to use. The company tried to fix the issues by fixing a silicone layer beneath each key, but to no effect. Finally, Apple has decided they’ll have to move away from the error prone keyboards, much to the users’ relief. As per Apple’s schedule, MacBook Air may be first to get rid of the Butterfly keyboard with MacBook Pros to follow it soon after.

Talking of Apple’s recent fixes, the company recently got rid of the iTunes app as well and had it replaced with three individual apps for podcast, music, and movies. User feedbacks aren’t looking so bright yet but most of them are assured that after some time, the individual apps will start working well for them. iTunes had been more of a revolution that broke the piracy trap prevalent in the early twenty first century. It was a big move from Apple to wave a good bye to the iconic app.

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