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Encryption Rules Are Making An Exodus Of Info From Australia: Vault

Vault Systems, the Australian cloud provider, has claimed that it is being “detrimentally and materially affected” by encryption laws of Australia, even if it is only their insight.

“As customers and foreign governments are evaluating against a media headline trial, we are in an ill-fated sate where logical persuasion is not enough to oppose perception,” Vault claimed to the media in an interview.

“We are presently witnessing an exodus of info from Australia comprising operational, physical, and lawful sovereignty.”

The cloud supplier claimed this on the basis of size of the Australian industry, and its “apparent compliance load”, it has witnessed multinationals blacklist the country, even when the same firm works in Russia and China.

Vault summoned the government to make a Data Sovereignty Policy that obliges all sensitive info hosted in the cloud be independent and for all employees to undergo clearance vetting by Australia, where required.

“As multinational firms move operational, physical, and legal jurisdiction offshore, they simply step aside the AA Act—in effect discomforting the AA Act,” Vault claimed.

“Present legislation does not stop these firms carrying on to offer services to Australia companies, citizens, or government. In effect, these firms are avoiding the law and gaining income while daily citizens of Australia are suffering the outcomes.”

An Australian Civil Society Coalition submission—comprising Blueprint for Free Speech, Digital Rights Watch, NSW Council for Civil Liberties, Human Rights Law Centre, Liberty Victoria, Queensland Council for Civil Liberties, Electronic Frontiers Australia, Access Now, and Future Wise—repeated prior calls for the rules to be repealed entirely.

On a related note, it may become simpler to transport data in the future all over borders. A total of 24 nations have inked a statement backing the Osaka Track, a project from Shinzo Abe (Japanese Prime Minister) that might make rules for a “free flow” of info while respecting copyright, privacy, and security.

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