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Cell Aging Is Discovered With New Roots—Latest Study

The key to our understanding of how the process of aging works is given by a new study conducted from the USC Viterbi School of Engineering. The mode for healthier treatment of cancer have been potentially paved by the findings along with innovative new medications which might vastly improve human health in the twilight years. The research by Nick Graham, who is an Assistant Professor of Materials Science and Chemical Engineering along with his team in collaboration with Scott Fraser, who is Provost Professor of Biomedical Engineering and Biological Sciences, including Zohrab A. Kaprilian, Pin Wang was printed in the Journal of Biological Chemistry.

Graham said that, first you have to figure out the fountain of youth to drink from the youth fountain, and understand what the youth fountain is currently doing. But we are focusing on doing the opposite: we are trying to learn the reasons cell age, in order to be capable to plan handlings for better elderly. To achieve this, senescence was focused by Alireza Delfarah, who is lead author of the study and a graduate from the Graham lab said, which is a natural procedure in which creation of new cells have been stopped permanently by the cell.

This process is among the key causes of decline related to age, manifesting in diseases like osteoporosis, heart disease and arthritis. Delfarah said that, senescent cells are efficiently the contrast of root cells that bears a limitless probable for division or self-renewal. Senescent cells cannot ever split one more time. It is an irreparable phase of cell cycle seizure. It was discovered by the research team that the senescent cells stopped producing nucleotides, a class of chemicals that are the building blocks of DNA. When the young cells were taken and forced to stop producing nucleotides, they became aged, or developed senescent.

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