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Google, Apple, Microsoft, And Facebook Push Hard For Fast Wi-Fi Tethering

It is exceptional to see Google, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, Qualcomm, HP, Broadcom, Intel, and Marvell all on the same side of the road. But there is minimum one place they openly agree: they need devices and chips that freely take benefit of a new frontier in Wi-Fi. They wish that this must be done without regulatory restrictions or pesky licensing. And they are informing the FCC that they will require it to bring next-gen data tethering and VR/AR glasses to you.

Conventionally, Wi-Fi has been developed on top of unauthorized 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz spectrum, but late in 2018 the FCC collectively decided to open up the 6 GHz band for unauthorized activity too, thus offering a huge 1,200 MHz piece of wireless real estate for all types of devices to interact without the need to depend on cellular. But that annoyed the cellular sector, not to mention utilities such as power and water, which still employ some 6 GHz devices for their communication backhaul.

Rather, suppliers might prefer that the FCC auction off a huge piece of 6 GHz which they can snap up for extra cellular. Based on this, they argue that the US requires being a dominator in 5G.

Clearly, Wi-Fi hardware manufacturers and chipmakers do not need just piece of the 6 GHz band. Hence, they are pushing hard with possible solutions for that interference worry.

On a related note, the FCC earlier claimed that it is acting on its plans to start mid-band 5G frequencies. The agency has decided to pass an order that might remove the limitations on who can control 2.5 GHz spectrum, comprising a Kennedy-epoch need for educational utilization. These bands have been “underutilized” for a long time, the FCC stated. The agency made them available, which will theoretically assist with both “bridging the digital gap” in rural regions and furthering the present US 5G plan.

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