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Best Minds In US Should Work On AI, Says Oculus Founder

The founder of Oculus, Palmer Luckey said about Alphabets Google contract with the Defense Department that they should have renewed it. Luckey being a Donald Trump supporter said in the presidential election of 2016 that it was a mistake to let the contract expire. He further suggested that it was vital for the US Military to maintain technological leadership.

The contract that expired focused mainly on artificial intelligence. Peter Thiel, a Trump supporter and billionaire tech investor called Google a treasonous company and for the past week the latter has been facing a setback for the AI work done in Shanghai. There was no instant response to this comment from Google’s side.

After selling his virtual reality headset by Oculus for $2 billion to Facebook in 2014, Luckey left in March 2017 controversially. Since the whole armada, he founded Anduril Industries, which is a start-up defense technology focusing mainly on AI and national security.

Due to confidentiality issues, Luckey declines commentary on Anduril’s support in artificial intelligence drone projects carried out by the Government. Comparing the past nuclear weapons race to AI, he emphasizes on the vital technological innovations in the US.

Keeping in mind Google’s ethical decision to stop working on AI, Luckey commented that if issues relating to morality stopped other US researchers and scientists to continue working with nuclear weapons, the condition of the world would be quite worse. He says that if the Nazis and the Russians were the first ones to produce nuclear weapons, we would inhabit a totally different world today.

Joe Lonsdale commended Thiel, co-founder of Palantir, for being courageous enough to challenge Google and define it as a non-patriotic company. He praises Palantir as a patriotic company for being involved with various US Government agencies including CIA, FBI and Department of Defense.

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