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Cobham Prepares For A Buyout Offer Of $5bn From Advent

Cobham is a provider of satellite components and ground systems. They are getting ready to accept a buyout offer which would make the firm private at a cost of $5 billion. The British Aerospace firm told on July 25, 2019, that their board members have all voted to accept the offer from Advent International Corporation at 165 pence each share. Cobham’s stock shut down at 165 pence for each share, more by almost 35% at the London Stock Exchange.

Cobham is mostly known for business in aviation and defense. Besides this, they are also a supplier for several satellite programs. The firm gives microwave components and other equipments of spacecraft SpaceX and OneWeb are amongst its customers, for whom they provide hardware for broadband mega constellations. They also provide satellite terminals to connect ships, land vehicles and aircraft. Cobham has almost 10,000 people in employment and 50% of them are from United States. To be able to close as planned from beforehand, the company requires minimum of 75% of their shareholders to approve.

The buyout offer has come at the face of Cobham’s 2.5 years turnaround efforts finally paving way towards success. The company has informed of 11% increase in revenue, reaching 1.03 billion pounds. There is also a profit of 107 million pounds for the first half of 2019. Cobham’s Chief Financial Officer, David Mellors said on July 25 on an earnings call that this is the first period for quite a while that all sectors have been satisfied of organic revenue growth. Mellors also mentioned that mission systems division of Cobham which gives satellite propulsion hardware and their Advanced Electronics Solutions division, CASE which gives satellites waveguides and many other components were the two big sources contributing to the growth. The company has mentioned that they view increased activity concerning space microwave components for OneWeb and few other development programs which are being funded by European Space Agency.

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