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Murky Details Of Neil Armstrong’s Death Surface From Documents

Neil Armstrong’s death in 2012 was considered to have occurred due to heart surgery complications.

However, the NYT stated that it had obtained new evidence which revealed a dispute having taken place between Armstrong’s family and the hospital where treatment was provided to him. Cincinnati Enquirer received these documents as well.

The hospital was accused of malpractice by the family. They reached a settlement for $6M, with $5M going to his sons Mark and Rick. Mark’s wife threatened about this action in 2014 and warned that the hospital’s reputation would suffer severely if this issue came to light.

Bertha Helmick, Armstrong’s grandchildren’s lawyer stated that no hospital wished to be known as having caused Neil Armstrong’s death. However, Carol, Armstrong’s widow, was not part of this agreement. Armstrong wasn’t transferred quickly to surgery upon showing rapid bleeding internally after his coronary bypass surgery. The decision for the bypass has been questioned as well.

One hospital spokeswoman stated that the published details were quite disappointing. Malpractice suits often are settled, with only 5% ending in a court settlement. During 2018, the largest settlement for such cases was at $1.49 million while the median stood at $145,000. All cases are recorded by NPDB. However, hospital settlements aren’t done so.

But William Sage from Texas University said the settlement amount wasn’t that large. Armstrong’s sons had sold thousands of various personal items that belonged to him, netting them over $12 million.

They informed AFP of their plans to open a foundation in his memory.

Buzz Aldrin, the 2nd man to walk the Moon, now charges $50,000–75,000 for appearances along with VIP accommodation & private jets. Francis French, a renowned author holds that these ex-astronauts often seek to cash in their fame after their space careers end. They only receive civil service or military pension, which is quite paltry. Charlie Duke, another Moonwalker charges $5,000 for each interview. John Logsdon of SPI stated that there wasn’t anything wrong with astronauts making money off such deals. Armstrong mostly stayed out of the spotlight after his career ended; Most of his appearances were for the promotion of Purdue University.

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